Enhancements in Ubitsoft SQL Enlight v1.1

  • Full support of SQL Server 2005 Transact-SQL grammar.
  • Improved integration with Visual Studio 2005 and SQL Server Management Studio 2005

New features

  • Transact-SQL statements outlining

    Transact-SQL statements outlining feature can supply better readability and help the developers and database administrators to identify and analyze long SQL scripts.

  • 3 new layout rules

    Three new layout rules are added to this version that will improve readability and supply more control over the layout of the columns and assignment expressions of DML statements.

  • Error highlighting in the code editor

    When a Transact-SQL syntax error is found in the SQL script, it is highlighted in the code editor and a tooltip describing the error is supplied.

Product features already in version v1.0:

  • reformat T-SQL code with set of customizable rules
  • validate T-SQL syntax
  • change keywords and identifiers case
  • change identifiers delimiter
  • change string delimiter
  • configure and store set of layout rules in layout template
  • quick switching between layout templates
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