SQML changes in SQL Enlight 1.7 BETA

Obsolete SQML elements replaced in

During the optimization of SQL Enlight, we did small changes in the SQML schema. These changes will affect only the users who have created their own custom analysis rules.

The SQML elements: pu:optional, pu:essential and pu:binding are no longer generated and are replaced by pu:semicolon and pu:dot.

We have already fixed these elements in the default analysis template that comes with the SQL Enlight Beta.

The users who haven’t created their own custom analysis rules, but have installed previous version of SQL Enlight, have to import the newest default analysis template in order to be sure that the analysis rules are up to date and the obsolete elements are replaced.

The default analysis template can be found here for 32 bit Windows editions:

C:Program FilesUbitsoftSQL EnlightTemplatesAnalysisDefaultAnalysisTemplate.xml

For 64 bit Windows the template can be found here:

C:Program Files (x86)UbitsoftSQL EnlightTemplatesAnalysisDefaultAnalysisTemplate.xml

How to fix custom analysis rules

1. Open SQL Enlight and use Export and Import of the analysis templates to create a backup copy of the current analysis template.

2. Use the SQL Enlight Options -> Settings tab -> Analysis Settings -> Update tab to check and try to automatically replace the obsolete elements. In case automatic fix fails to update some of the rules, you should have to update those rules manually by replacing the elements.
SQL Enlight - Fix obsolete analysis rules

3. Open the failed rule and search and replace the elements in the following order:

    1. pu:binding[@name=’;’] pu:semicolon
    2. pu:binding[@name=’.’] pu:dot
    3. pu:essential[@name=’;’] pu:semicolon
    4. pu:essential[@name=’.’] pu:dot
    5. pu:optional[@name=’;’] pu:semicolon
    6. pu:optional[@name=’.’] pu:dot
    7. pu:binding pu:dot

If you have any problems with the update of the analysis rules, please contact our support.

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