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SQL Enlight

Today we released an update of SQL Enlight 1.7 which includes several usability improvements:

– Unicode support added for identifier names.

Example of unicode identifiers usage

– Context only rules are now applied when analyzing server objects using the command line tool and the MSBuild tasks. This feature was missing in the previous release.

– The Context Only rules are can be applied either with using Analyze with Specific Rules… command or when analyzing databases or servers. For instance, the Context Only rules will be skipped when a stored procedure is analyzed, but will be included when a database is selected for analysis from Object Explorer. The Context Only rules will be always applied when explicitly selected.

– Each analysis rule can be separately configured whether to require its parameters to be entered before analysis or not to require parameters. This way, the parameters dialog won’t be shown when rules with no required parameters are selected, but then the default rule parameter values will be used.

– A new Error list command which to instantly show the SQL Enlight Error List window is now added to the SQL Enlight menu.

You can find and download the updated SQL Enlight version here.

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