How to import Analysis Template

The SQL Enlight analysis templates are XML files that contain analysis rules and analysis group definitions. The templates can be imported in SQL Enlight and this way can update or add new rules to the currently supported set of rules.

The latest analysis template

The latest SQL Enlight Analysis Template can be downloaded in the additional downloads section here:


1. Download latest analysis template

2. In SSMS or Visual Studio, open SQL Enlight Options and go to the Settings tab -> Analysis Settings item:

3. Backup of your existing template using the Export button.

4.Import analysis template

There are two available options for importing analysis template:

  • Completely Import and replace the active analysis template with the imported ones.
    To use this option, unselect the Update existing rules and groups checkbox.
  • Import all new rules and update existing rules from the new template, and preserve the rules in the active template that do not exists in the new template. This option is suitable in the cases when you have custom rules (with names different than the ones in the new template ) that you want to preserve.
    To use this option, make sure that Update existing rules and groups checkbox is selected.

The analysis template coming with SQL Enlight release

    • Installation of a new SQL Enlight version does not automatically update the current analysis template with the one that’s coming with the newly installed release. This has to be done manually by importing the


    • from the SQL Enlight installation folder:

C:Program FilesUbitsoftSQL EnlightTemplatesAnalysisDefaultAnalysisTemplate.xml

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