Non-ISO standard comparison operator found


It is advisable to use ISO standard comparison operators instead of non-ISO standard operators to help ensure optimal cross-platform and future version compatibility.

  • Not equal to: Use <> instead of !=
  • Greater than or equal to: Use >= instead of !<
  • Less than or equal to: Use <= instead of !>

While it is currently acceptable to use such non-ISO operators, you should consider that statements that you create might not be supported on other ISO-compliant database management systems.

Also, non-ISO standard comparison operators may not be supported on future versions of SQL Server.


Phil Streiff


-- Test Case 1: The violation should be reported
SELECT Column1 FROM Table1 WHERE Column1 != 1
-- Test Case 2: The violation should be reported
SELECT Column1 FROM Table1 WHERE Column1 !< 1
-- Test Case 3: The violation should be reported
SELECT Column1 FROM Table1 WHERE Column1 !> 1

-- Test Case 4: A violation should not be reported
SELECT Column1 FROM Table1 WHERE Column1 <> 1
-- Test Case 5: A violation should not be reported
SELECT Column1 FROM Table1 WHERE Column1 >= 1
-- Test Case 6: A violation should no be reported
SELECT Column1 FROM Table1 WHERE Column1 <= 1

Download and try the CR0003 analysis rule.

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