We are delighted to announce the release of SQL Enlight version

What’s new in this update:

  • Added 1 new analysis rules:
  • Fixes and enhancements in the standard analysis rules
    • SA0035 – enhanced the rule and fixed false positives when HACK, TODO or UNDONE is matched, but inside another word
    • S0048B – added a parameter to ignore temporary tables
    • SSA0049B – added a parameter to ignore temporary tables
    • SA0066B – enhanced rule message to include the schema of the parent table of the matched column
    • SA0075B – added a parameter to ignore temporary tables
    • SA0169 – added parameter, which to allow @@ROWCOWNT in  the first trigger statement
    • SA0184 – fixed matching and false positives
    • SA0225 – enhanced the rule to support target table names with three-part names
    • SA0254 – added support for direct dynamic SQL code and fix false positives when cursor used in try/catch blocks
    • SA0262 – fix some issues with the rule,  false positives and exclude analytic over clauses from aggregate
    • SA0263 – ignore temporary tables used in dynamic SQL code
    • SA0264 – added support for dynamic SQL code
    • SA0268 – enhanced the rule to consider cursor select statements
  • Other fixes and enhancements:
    • Enhancements and fixes in SQL comments formatting
    • Fixes of some other minor issues
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