We are excited to announce the release of SQL Enlight with version

What’s new in this update:

  • New analysis rule SA0271. The rule checks T-SQL statements and reports usages of any of the configured as not recommended syntax for column aliases.
  • New analysis rule  SA0272. The rule checks for SELECT statements not having neither WHERE nor JOIN clauses.

Fixes and improvements in the standard analysis rules

  • Fixed a common analysis rule problem related to CROSS/OUTER APPLY operators not taken into consideration when selecting table sources
  • Fixed false positives in analysis rules SA0124, SA0126, SA0132 related to incorrect resolution of MIN/MAX aggregate functions return type
  • Fixed SA0060 – named parameters are not considered
  • Addressed overlapping problem with analysis rules – SA0150 and SA0166
  • Fixed analysis rule SA0266 false positive related to not considering the @@trancount check

Other fixes and improvements:

  • Fixed unhandled exception while analyzing document in Visual Studio
  • Fixed parser support for named unique index set in column definition using INDEX keyword syntax
  • Fixed problem with the command-line tool, where a comma is not accepted as a list separator when passing multiple file paths
  • Fixed parsing error related to OVERRIDE token not accepted by the parser as an identifier
  • Improved performance of the filtering of active or selected analysis rules
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