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SQL Enlight For Developers

We are happy to announce the SQL Enlight for Developers update to version

The main improvements in this update are:
  • Enhancements of the Snippets tool windows inside the Analysis Rule Designer  – added descriptions to the XSLT functions
  • Added new XSLT functions – sqml:is and sqml:in
  • Add support for bulk editing of analysis rules in the Active Analysis Rules List. Multiple rules can now be selected and a few of their common properties can be changed.
  • The current SQL Enlight version is now added to the exported analysis rules

Fixes in this update:

  • Fixed issues in Code Fixes of analysis rules SA0020 and SA0253
  • Fixed an issue in the Active Analysis Rules List that after filtering, the selected rule is not the first one in the list
  • Fixed an error that could appear in some cases when loading metadata for database files
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