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SQL Enlight For Developers

We are happy to announce the SQL Enlight for Developers update to version

The main improvements in this update are:
  • Enhancements  in the issue suppression – support for start/end block, a reason for suppression, and suppressed issue reporting in summary
  • Enhanced the whitelist with support for files
  • Add Export/Import commands to the settings of the whitelist
  • Enhanced Team Settings export to export analysis template as a separate file for direct use in SonarQube
  • Enhanced SA0124, SA0126, SA0132, and SA0139 analysis rules with bit/integer type resolution of constants 0 and 1
  • Added New analysis rule SA0275 for tracking suppression comments
  • Enhancements for the bulk edit of Analysis Rules
  • Analysis performance improvements

Fixes in this update:

  • Fixed slow multi-selection  in the error list and its details panel
  • UI and UX fixes and improvements
  • Internal fixes and improvements
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