New features in v1.6

  • Custom analysis rules

    Design, implement and tune powerful static analysis rules using XPATH and XSLT.

  • Create and manage analysis groups

    Categorize analysis rules in custom groups.

  • Command line interface

    The command line tool supports server analysis, analysis and layout of T-SQL script files, and report generation.

  • Integration with automated builds

    The MSBuild tasks support server analysis, analysis and layout of T-SQL script files, and report generation.

  • Analysis of SQL Server objects

    Now SQL Enlight can directly analyze servers, databases, stored procedures, functions, views and triggers.

What’s new in SQL Enlight v1.5

  • 12 new analysis rules

    Ten performance and two design analysis rules were included.

  • New arithmetic operator layout rule

    New rule for handling arithmetic operator placement was included.

Enhancements in v1.5

  • Full support of SQL Server 2008 Transact-SQL syntax.

Reformat, validate and convert SQL scripts into colorized HTML ready to be used in blogs and forums, with help of our new T-SQL Beautifier.


  • Free,online and having the power of SQL Enlight

    T-SQL Beautifier is a free online utility that uses the engine of SQL Enlight.

  • Reformat SQL code

    Layout T-SQL script using a set of predefined layout templates.

  • Syntax validate SQL code

    Online validate SQL Server scripts.

  • Create colorized HTML

    Generate colorized HTML representation of the SQL code, for use in blogs and forums.

What’s new in Ubitsoft SQL Enlight v1.4

  • Encapsulate T-SQL Script

    Encapsulate selected SQL code as a new stored procedure,scalar function or inline table-valued function.

  • Comments handling layout rules.

    New rules for handling comments placement are included.

  • Four new rules for breaks placement in comma lists.

    The rules controls comma list breaks in SELECT,ORDER BY and GROUP BY column lists, and in expressions.

Improvements in v1.4

  • Improved Transact-SQL Script Summary.
  • Extended variable case handling layout rule.
  • Fixed the content indention of multi-line strings and comments bug.

Enhancements in Ubitsoft SQL Enlight v1.3

  • Integration with Visual Studio 2008 and SQL Server Management Studio 2008 CTP

New features:

  • Transact-SQL Script Analysis

    Scan Transact-SQL code for design and performance problems, deprecated syntax and get best practices recommendations using 22 code analysis rules.

  • SQL Enlight Error List

    Use SQL Enlight Error List to view and locate all syntax errors and analysis rule violations.

New features in Ubitsoft SQL Enlight v1.2

  • Transact-SQL Script Summary

    Using the Script Summary you can view a short hierarchically summary of all batches and statements in the current T-SQL script.

  • Separate T-SQL script validation command

    Using the Validate SQL command you can identify syntax errors in a T-SQL script without SQL Server connection.

  • Join clause alignment layout rule

    This new layout rule modifies the placement of the join clause in the SELECT statements.

  • Tabify white space layout rule
    This layout rule can specify if to replace the tab sized white space with tabs or spaces.

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