This is a SQL Enlight For SSMS review by Grant Fritchey, which was published on Simple Talk last week:

Grant’s review gives a detail look to the features of the tool and its use.

The article is recommended to anyone as an introduction to the tool.

This week we released an update for SQL Enlight and SQL Enlight for SSMS version
The update include the following improvements common to both editions:

  • Small improvements and fixes
  • Improved Analysis rules selection dialog:

    The new rules selection dialog adds some useful filters and allows the rule parameters to be set in a single step.

  • Changes specific to SQL Enlight:

    • Added support for Visual Studio 2013

    Changes specific to SQL Enlight For SSMS:

    • NAnt tasks which were missing in the previous version are now included

    Download SQL Enlight and SQL Enlight for SSMS here.

Main components and features supported by each edition:


SQL Enlight

  SQL Enlight For SSMS 

Visual Studio Integration



SQL Server Management Studio Integration



Code Formatting






Static Analysis



Command Line Tool



MSBuild tasks



NAnt tasks



TFS Check-in Policies




$ 295

$ 195

* Code formatting command is not supported.

** Code formatting tasks are not supported.


We are very happy to announce final release of SQL Enlight

We did a several fixes and improvements to the tool in this release.

Here is a summary of what’s new in version 1.9.3:

  • There are 62 new analysis rules
  • Support for Visual Studio Solution and Projects  analysis
  • Analysis feature usability improvements
  • Reorganized and enhanced Options dialog
  • Several fixes,optimizations and smaller improvements

You can download and try the final release of SQL Enlight here.


SQL Enlight For SSMS

We also released a new special edition of SQL Enlight focused on the T-SQL static analysis –  SQL Enlight For SSMS.

The new edition includes all SQL Enlight analysis features as well as improved integration with SQL Server Management Studio.

The SQL Enlight For SSMS is developed as a part of the Red Gate Ecosystem Project  and uses the advanced integration framework provided by the ecosystem.

You can download and try the new edition here.

  • Fixed issues found
  • Options dialog re-arranged
  • Fixed issues in analysis rules

Another beta version of SQL Enlight is available for download here.
The new version includes the following:

  • Fixes of the reported and found issue so far
  • A new look of the Options dialog

If you find any issues in the new version, please report them using our support email.

What’s in this update:

  • Fixed issues found
  • Fixed issues in analysis rules

We are very happy to announce that there is a new update of SQL Enlight which is now available for download. The version of the update is and it is now in beta.

Here is a list brief list of what-s new in the update:
– Added support for Visual Studio projects and solution analysis
– Added 62 new analysis rules
– Added a filter for analysis rules in the rule selection box
– Several fixes and smaller improvements

The update can be downloaded here.
Your feedback and comments will be of great help for the final release. Thank you!

We are very happy to announce the release of the SQL Enlight update which can be downloaded here.
Along with the fixes and improvements, this release adds the support for SQL Server 2012 T-SQL syntax and integration with SSMS 2012 and Visual Studio 2012.

That’s not the end with version 1.9 updates. Soon we are going to make available another which will add several new rules to the current set and will also add some improvements to the current Visual Studio integration.

As a final, we would like to give special thanks to Direct Supply team for their contribution and great feedback during the development of the current and the next updates.

We are very pleased to announce the final release of SQL Enlight

In this release, several issues were fixed and optimizations were made since the beta release.
We also included partial support for SQL Server Management Studio 2012 – currently only the integration with the main menu is available.

You can download SQL Enlight here.

In the next months we are going to release new updates of version 1.9 which will include the features we were not able to include in the current release.

Here is a short list of what we are planning to include in the next updates:

  • Full integration with SSMS 2012
  • Support for SQL Server 2012 T-SQL extensions
  • The postponed formatting improvements
  • Many New analysis rules