We are happy to announce the today’s we release of SQL Enlight 1.9 Beta 2.

Here are the main release notes:

The new version can be downloaded here.

After almost a year, we are very happy to announce the release of SQL Enlight Beta.
Here follows a list of the major new features and improvements that are included in it.

New Features

  1. Static Code Analysis TFS Check-in Policy. Both TFS 2008 and TFS 2010 are supported.
  2. Two new refectories:
    • Expand Wildcards
    • Add Statement Terminators
  3. Layout:
    • Option to ignore layout of selected statements
    • New comment layout options
  4. 25 new analysis rules. See here for complete list of the new rules.


  • Command line tool, NAnt and MSBuild tasks improvements now support recursive processing of folders and multiple target files.
  • Analysis rules – several extensions made available including.
  • Layout command – syntax errors will not stop the layout, but will just skip the source batch.
  • Automatic updates checking.
  • Memory usage optimizations.

Free features

The following features are now free to use and are not trial limited:

  • Validate SQL Code
  • Statements History
  • Summarize Script
  • Outline Statements

The version is and is available for download here.

We are very sorry, but we found a major problem in the latest release The problem in is that the database disk cache folder default value is not set correctly the first time the application is started. The missing setting affects the database analysis feature and makes it not usable.

We released a hotfix update – which has the issue fixed and can be downloaded here.

Please excuse us for the inconvenience caused by this problem.

We are happy to announce the release of the latest SQL Enlight version –

Here is what’s new in this release:

In addition to the above features, the new version includes updated analysis rules and a few other improvements and small fixes.

SQL Enlight is available for download here.

  • Query execution plan analysis support for functions
  • Extended query execution plan analysis support
  • One new analysis rule for query execution plan analysis
  • Small improvements and fixes

Version of SQL Enlight is already released and available for download.

Here is what’s new in this release:

  • Extended query execution plan analysis support
  • A new analysis rule for query execution plan analysis – EX0018
  • A new external template parameter support in the command line tool and MSBuild tasks
  • Small improvements and fixes

The new parameter is added to provide a way to set external analysis template which to be used during analysis instead of the default one. Check the SQL Enlight documentation for the command line tool and MSBuild tasks parameters.

As the Execution Plan Analysis is the most important feature update in this release, here we have prepared a separate post for it.

We will be happy to help you if you have any questions or comments.

Thank you!

Last week we released a new version of SQL Enlight –
It contains just small fixes and 2 new features:

  • A new layout rule ‘Miscellaneous->Keywords padding’.
The layout rule controls the padding of the main keywords in SELECT, INSERT,UPDATE and DELETE  statements.
For example:

-- Keyword Padding option set to 10:
SELECT     ProductID ,
           SpecialOfferID ,
           AVG( UnitPrice ) AS 'Average Price' ,
           SUM( LineTotal ) AS SubTotal
FROM       Sales.SalesOrderDetail
WHERE      SpecialOfferID IN(  1 ,
                               2 ,
                               6 ,
                               9 )
GROUP BY   ProductID ,
ORDER BY   ProductID ,
           SpecialOfferID DESC

-- Keyword Padding option set to 0:

SELECT ProductID ,
       SpecialOfferID ,
       AVG( UnitPrice ) AS 'Average Price' ,
       SUM( LineTotal ) AS SubTotal
FROM Sales.SalesOrderDetail
WHERE  SpecialOfferID IN(  1 ,
                           2 ,
                           6 ,
                           9 )
GROUP BY ProductID ,
ORDER BY ProductID ,
         SpecialOfferID DESC
  • A new XSLT extension method ‘execute-query-plan’ which to enable support for query plan analysis.

We will describe in more detail the usage of this method in the next post.

The new version is already available for download here.

One of the most exciting features in SQL Enlight is the ability to create your own static analysis rules. This is very powerful feature which can be of great use and unleash almost unlimited number of possibilities for the ones who consider trying it.

The current post is the first of a series of blog posts which to guide you through the creation of custom static code analysis rules with SQL Enlight. Each of the subsequent articles will cover the implementation of several interesting analysis rule and will point some unfortunately not so obvious features and abilities of SQL Enlight static code analysis engine.

Read more

The SQL Enlight analysis templates are XML files that contain analysis rules and analysis groups definitions. The templates can be imported in SQL Enlight and this way can update or add new rules to the currently supported set of rules. Read more

We are very excited to announce that the latest and greatest version of SQL Enlight, version, is now available for download.
The new release of SQL Enlight includes: several usability improvements, 13 absolutely new analysis rules, and at last but definitely not at least is the support for directly executing database queries from within the analysis rules.

This new direct queries support, even not being exceptional by its means is quite useful and important and enables new opportunities for not only implementing static code analysis rules, but also for dynamic database analysis with SQL Enlight. Read more