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Uninstalling SQL Enlight

Because of the specifics of the integration with Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Management Studio in order to uninstall Ubitsoft SQL Enlight completely when it has been integrated with the SQL Server Management Studio, the following actions have to be completed:

  1. In SQL Server 2005 Management Studio or SQL Server 2008 Management Studio, on the Tools menu, click Customize.

  2. Drag the SQL Enlight menu from the menu bar, or right-click on the SQL Enlight menu and click Delete.

  3. Open the Toolbar tab in the Customize dialog and delete SQL Enlight Toolbar.

  4. In the Customize dialog box, click Close.

  5. Use the Microsoft® Windows® Add or Remove Programs feature to remove the Ubitsoft SQL Enlight.

Note Note

Uninstalling a product doesn't automatically deactivate its license key.

In order to move a product to another computer, you will have to do the following steps:

  1. Deactivate the product's license key on the first computer

  2. Uninstall SQL Enlight

  3. Install it on the new machine

  4. Activate SQL Enlight on the new machine using the same license key