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Command Line Tool - Layout

Layout T-SQL script files.

This topic contains the following sections:

1enlight.exe   layout
2/inputpath:<paths> |/i:<paths>
3/outputpath:<outputpath> | /o:<outputpath>
4[ /template:<layouttemplate> | /t:<layouttemplate> ]
5[ /verbosity: <verbosity> | /v: <verbosity> ]
6[ /recursive]



/inputpath:<paths> or /i:<paths>

Location of the T-SQL script files. A list of files separated with semicolon can also be provided. The '-' prefix can be used to exclude specific files.

/outputpath:<outputpath> or /o:<outputpath>

Destination folder for the result files.

/template:<layouttemplate> or /t:<layouttemplate>

Optional. Exact name or path to the file of the layout template which to be used.

If not specified the default layout template will be used.

/verbosity:<verbosity> or /v:<verbosity>

Output verbosity level. Supported values: quiet, normal and detail.


Optional. Include files in subfolders.


Reformat T-SQL files in specified input folder and create output files in specified folder using given layout template.

1enlight.exe  layout
4/t:"Ubitsoft Favorite 1"
1enlight.exe  layout
2/template: "C:\Program Files\Ubitsoft\SQL Enlight\Templates\Layout\Ubitsoft Favorite 1.layouttemplate"
3/inputpath: "E:\Projects\MyProject\SQL Script\*.sql";-"E:\Projects\MyProject\SQL Script\Excluded*.sql";
4/outputpath: "E:\Projects\MyProject\SQL Script\Reformatted"
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