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Deactivating SQL Enlight

The deactivation wizard enables you to deactivate a license key on your computer so that you can reuse it on another computer.

Note Note

Uninstalling a product doesn't automatically deactivate its license key.

In order to move a product to another computer, you will have to do the following steps:

  1. Deactivate the product's license key on the first computer

  2. Uninstall SQL Enlight

  3. Install it on the new machine

  4. Activate SQL Enlight on the new machine using the same license key

Product License Key Deactivation

In order to deactivate a product license key, your computer has to be connected to the Internet.

To deactivate your product:

  1. Start the activation wizard and confirm that you want to deactivate the product by selecting the check box.Continue to the next step.


  2. Enter your product key.


  3. Your deactivation request will be sent to the our activation server.


  4. When the deactivation is confirmed, the Deactivation successful page will be displayed.


  5. Now you can use this license key on a different computer.

    If there is a problem with your deactivation request, an Deactivation failed page will be displayed with information about deactivation errors and what you can do to resolve them.


    If you cannot resolve the deactivation error, please contact our support.