Ubitsoft.SqlEnlight.AutomationApi Namespace

  Class Description
Public classCode example AutomationServicesProvider
Implementation of the IAutomationServiceProvider interface.
  Structure Description
Public structure LicenseData
  Interface Description
Public interface IAnalysisAutomationApiService
The interface exposing analysis specific methods.
The interface also provides debugging and rule test members which to facilitate custom rule creation and testing.
Public interface IAutomationServicesProvider
Interface for providing access to the API services.
Public interface IBaseAutomationApiService
Public interface ILayoutAutomationApiService
Public interface IParserAutomationApiService
Provides methods for parsing T-SQL code and producing SQML.
Public interface IRefactoringAutomationApiService
  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration SqlIdentifierKind
Enumeration for possible kinds of T-SQL identifiers.
Public enumeration SqlStatementKind
Enumeration for possible kinds of T-SQL statements.