Command Line Tool – Layout

Layout T-SQL script files.

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1Enlight   layout
2        --inputPath=<paths>
3        --outputPath =<outputpath>
4      [ --template=<layouttemplate> ]
5      [ --settings=<settings> ]





Required. Location of the T-SQL script files. A list of files separated with semicolon can also be provided. The `-` prefix can be used to exclude specific files.


Required. Destination folder for the result files.


Exact name or path to the file of the layout template which to be used.


A settings file which to override the current user’s settings XML file.

Build Machines edition specific parameters:




Required. License key.


Required. License data or activation response file path.


Reformat T-SQL files in specified input folder and create output files in specified folder using given layout template.

1Enlight  layout
2        --inputPath:"c:sourcepath*.sql"
3        --outputPath:"c:sourcepathreformated"
4        --template:"My Favorite"

1Enlight layout
2      --template: "C:Program FilesYubitsoftSQL EnlightTemplatesLayoutUbitsoft Favorite 1.layouttemplate"
3      --inputpath: "E:ProjectsMyProjectSQL Script*.sql";-"E:ProjectsMyProjectSQL ScriptExcluded*.sql";
4      --outputpath: "E:ProjectsMyProjectSQL ScriptReformatted"

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