EX0011 : Identify inefficient indexes using dynamic management views information

The topic describes the EX0011 analysis rule.


Identify inefficient indexes using dynamic management views information


The rule checks for indexes that haven’t been used recently and are possible candidates to be dropped.

The rule uses the SQL Server Dynamic Management Views to get index usage information.

The unused indexes information is based on statistics gathered since the last time SQL Server instance was started.

Note Note

Be careful when dropping unused or rarely used indexes. Some indexes can be used rarely and be created for specific purpose; for example, to optimize monthly report.

How to fix


The rule has a ContextOnly scope and is applied only on current server and database schema.

Name Description Default Value

The parameter specifies the efficiency of the index since the last server restart. The index efficiency is calculated based on the reads per writes.



Indexes covering less rows than specified by this parameter will be ignored.



The rule requires SQL Connection. If there is no connection provided, the rule will be skipped during analysis.

Effort To Fix
3 hours per issue.

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There is no additional info for this rule.

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