EX0013 : Identify fragmented indexes that need rebuilding or re-indexing

The topic describes the EX0013 analysis rule.


Identify fragmented indexes that need rebuilding or re-indexing


The rule checks for fragmented indexes that need rebuilding or re-indexing.

Fragmentation exists when indexes have pages in which the logical ordering, based on the key value, does not match the physical ordering inside the data file. Heavily fragmented indexes can degrade query performance and cause your application to respond slowly.

You can remedy index fragmentation by either reorganizing an index or by rebuilding an index. For partitioned indexes built on a partition scheme, you can use either of these methods on a complete index or on a single partition of an index.

How to fix


The rule has a ContextOnly scope and is applied only on current server and database schema.

Name Description Default Value

Maximum allowed fragmentation for an index that to be ignored by the rule.



Minimum number of pages an index must have in order to be considered by the rule.



Maximum fragmentation percent below which index reorganization will be suggested by the rule. Above this specified percent, rebuilding of the index will be suggested.



The rule requires SQL Connection. If there is no connection provided, the rule will be skipped during analysis.

Effort To Fix
20 minutes per issue.

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