SA0163 : Deprecated setting of database options ANSI_PADDING to OFF

The topic describes the SA0163 analysis rule.


Deprecated setting of database options ANSI_PADDING to OFF


The rule checks database for having ANSI_PADDING option set to OFF.

The status of this option can be determined by examining the is_ansi_padding_on column in the sys.databases catalog view or the IsAnsiPaddingEnabled property of the DATABASEPROPERTYEX function.

In a future version of Microsoft SQL Server ANSI_PADDING will always be ON and any applications that explicitly set the option to OFF will produce an error.

How to fix

Avoid using this feature in new development work, and plan to modify applications that currently use this feature.


The rule has a ContextOnly scope and is applied only on current server and database schema.


Rule has no parameters.


The rule requires Analysis Context. If context is missing, the rule will be skipped during analysis.

Effort To Fix
13 minutes per issue.

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